• General Information

Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv
HaYarkon St. 205.
Independence Park
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Tel No: +972 3520 2222
Fax No: +972 3527 2711
website: www.hilton.com

July 7-9, 2020

English is the official language of the Symposium

Business casual for all occasions.

Photography and Recording Policy:
Participants are asked to be respectful of their colleagues by turning off all cell phones and PDA devices before entering meeting rooms. Cameras and all other recording devices are strictly prohibited in all session halls, in the Exhibition Area, and in all poster presentations. Thank you for your cooperation.

July in Tel Aviv, Israel, is the second hottest month of the year and, coupled with very high humidity, conditions can get uncomfortable at times. Sunscreen and lots of water should be carried everywhere you go and it’s best to do what the locals do and avoid the beach and direct sunlight in the middle of the day.
The average temperature in Tel Aviv in July is 27°C, with an average high of 29.5

Prior to booking flights, registrants are strongly advised to confirm with their travel agent whether they require a Visa to travel to Israel.
Israel has visa exemption agreements with many countries – for visits of up to 90 days. Before going to the mission, check whether you need to obtain a visa to visit Israel. It is important to emphasize that the exemption applies only to visas for visits and to passports (not to laissez passer).

ComtecMed will not be responsible for any cancellations or delays caused by authorities due to a lack of Visa or other required documentation.

Certificate of Attendance:
All registered participants will receive a username and password after the Symposium. Participants will be asked to complete their CME Accreditation form online by logging in with their username and password. Once the CME form is completed and submitted online, your accreditation certificate and points will be available for download.

The Congress Secretariat and Organizers cannot accept liability for personal accidents, nor loss of or damage to private property of participants, either during or directly arising from the FOIU Symposium. Participants should make their own arrangements with respect to health and travel insurance.

Symposium Secretariat:
Please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat if you require any additional information or assistance. Please address all correspondence to: foiu@comtecint.com