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Dover Medical & Scientific Equipment Ltd, established in 1974, is a leader in the medical technology market is Israel.

We represent the most advanced technology companies in Israel, standing at the forefront of knowledge in their field. The company offers cutting edge medical solutions, diagnostic equipment and advanced research tools in the field of Life Sciences.

The company comprises three divisions: medical, diagnostic and research. Among its customers are all hospitals in Israel, Clinics, Laboratories, Universities and research institutes.

miR Scientific is a precision molecular bioscience company with a next-generation statistical science platform that creates and delivers scalable breakthrough technologies for the provision of accessible diagnostic, prognostic, monitoring and companion products and services. Its mission for at-risk cancer populations is to eliminate missed diagnoses and unnecessary or premature interventions that can result in a quality-of-life deterioration and can impose exorbitant financial burdens. Founded in 2014 as a commercial spin-out from the State of New York University at Albany’s Cancer Research Center, miR empowers patients and care providers by enabling highly accurate data-centric information to select optimal treatment and monitoring options for the patient. miR engages stakeholders across the disease continuum to adopt patient-focused innovations with measurable and meaningful outcomes. Among other planned products and services, miR has created the Prostate Cancer Sentinel Assay Test™, which has the potential to save thousands of men from suffering the potentially severe side effects of unnecessary prostate cancer treatments. miR will continue to work with key stakeholders on global clinical trials and pursue concurrent regulatory and Laboratory Developed Lab test strategies. miR welcomes international collaborations to advance novel state-of-the-art technologies that will address large cancer populations.